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Doncaster New Deal for Communities (NDC) has been selected as the local funder in Doncaster to distribute small grants as part of the Government’s £130m Grassroots Grants programme. The programme, which was created to deliver grants as small as £250, is designed to complement existing small grants provision by local authorities such as the CEN Small Grants Scheme.

NDC encourages residents to get involved in all levels of the process, ranging from signing up to be NDC members and giving their input at community events through to participating in task groups and being NDC Board members.

Below are just a few examples of the kind of projects Doncaster NDC are involved in. For a complete range of their projects or to find out what you can do visit the Doncaster NDC website.

Six Streets - Redevelopment has been underway at the Six Streets site in Hyde Park for some time now. Many houses have been demolished. With the demolition in its final stages, there is even more need for the residents of the area to speak up and voice their hopes about what the future will bring for their community. Tenders for the contract to carry out the rebuild have been considered and it has been decided that Keepmoat will build new houses, roads, shops and green spaces on the estate.

Ways 2 Work - Doncaster has a high level of NEETs (Young People Not in Employment, Education or Training) and the NDC flagship project, Ways 2 Work, has continued to find jobs for NDC residents which has helped reduce the numbers of workless people in the NDC area by 5.6% since 2002 (figures: 2002-2006), a greater reduction than for the Borough and England.

Smartwater- New Deal for Communities has invested funding into the project to provide FREE SmartWater kits to every NDC resident, alongside 300 business kits for small businesses, community groups and voluntary organsiations in the NDC area. SmartWater is proven to act as a deterrent to burglars, all NDC residents and businesses can now obtain a kit free.

Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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