Rosie Winterton MP at Doncaster Market

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Member's of Parliament (MP's) are the individuals elected to be representatives for one of the 600+ constituencies in the United Kingdom, ordinarily have responsibilities to their constituents, party and to Parliament.

Their position within parliament means that they are better equipped to advise on problems, or gain responses to government departments. They are also able to raise certain issues in parliament both in written or oral form to the minister concerned.

With regards to their duties in parliament, MPs play an important role. Parliament is responsible for passing and repealing all the laws in the UK, therefore the ability for MPs to scrutinise, debate and vote on legislation allows MP the power to question the Government and to oppose any legislation which is not in the interest of their constituents.

However, MPs also act as their political Parties representative within their constituency and they have a duty to vote in line with the party's leadership on important issues.

Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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