Rosie supports zero-hours contract ban

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10 Sep 2013
Rosie has joined calls to ban zero-hours contracts. 

She believes the contracts can lead to insecurity and stress for families in Doncaster, and has backed plans to outlaw their exploitive use.

Rosie said: “Flexibility can be useful in certain situations, for example doctors or supply teachers, but I’m not in favour of people in Doncaster lacking job security and having to be flexible about whether they can afford the weekly shop.”

The Doncaster Central MP said Labour would take action to stop the abuse of workers who are employed on zero-hour contracts – banning those which require workers to work exclusively for one business, or which place them on call all day without any guarantee of work.

Labour leader and Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband outlined the policy earlier this month.

Rosie said: “Hard-working people should feel confident and secure at work and a Labour government would help achieve this by ending the exploitive use of zero-hours contracts.

“David Cameron boasts that he’s fixed Britain’s economy, but what he fails to realise is that his economic recovery is only benefitting a few at the top and not the vast majority of people.

“We need to build an economy that works for working people because a recovery that only benefits a few at the top is not only unfair but also unstable.”

Recent research published by the Unite union claims that more than five million workers in the UK are now on zero-hours contracts.


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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