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19 Apr 2013
The government should better support sign language users, Rosie believes.

She met deaf activists in her constituency to mark the 10th anniversary of the official recognition of British Sign Language (BSL) and has now written to ministers asking them to research the problems deaf people face in everyday life.

BSL was officially recognised in 2003.

Rosie said: “There are approximately 250,000 people in the UK who use British Sign Language (BSL).

“Deaf people, including many in Doncaster, have concerns about the problems they face in everyday life – particularly in accessing information that hearing people would get much more easily, for example, from the radio or television.

“I fully support the deaf community’s calls to identify the barriers that still remain for BSL users and for the government to address them.”

Photo (left to right): Mary Jones, Steve Gibson, Linda Lees-Weir, Rosie Winterton MP, John Tupling, Georgina Cook and Patricia Raikes.


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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