Bedroom tax will hit thousands

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01 Apr 2013
Thousands of people in Doncaster will be affected by the government’s controversial ‘bedroom tax’, says Rosie.

She held a meeting with constituent Mark Tylor, who has been hit by the changes, and Ros Jones, who is Labour's candidate for mayor. 

The dad of three faces losing his two-bedroom flat under the new rules, which began on April 1. Click here to watch ITV Calendar’s report of their meeting.

After the visit, Rosie said: “The government like to say they’re targeting the skivers but the reality is very different. This unfair policy will hit some of the most vulnerable people in Doncaster.

“Many of the households affected are home to people with a disability, while some will be families of soldiers serving our country. Others will be foster families helping children in need of a home."

She added: "In the same week the Bedroom Tax came into effect David Cameron gave thousands of millionaires an average tax cut of £100,000 a year.”


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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