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11 Mar 2013
Rosie's crusade to curb nuisance phone calls is gathering pace.

Rosie launched Freezing Out Cold Calls last month after complaints from her constituents. 

She is calling on the telemarketing industry – and the Government – to take a co-ordinated approach to relieve the torment caused by unwanted calls.

Now she has joined forces with other MPs to highlight the issue.

Rosie was in Westminster for a debate about cold calls in which several other MPs voiced their concerns.

During the debate, the minister for responsible for Culture, Media and Sport, Ed Vaizey, said he would ‘set out the Government’s options’.

Rosie said: “The debate among MPs from different political parties was an important step in the fight against unwanted phone calls. Too many people have had to live with this problem for too long and it needs to be addressed.

“The minister said he would put together a white paper – a consultation document – which will outline the options available to the government for overhauling the industry.

“I will continue to monitor the progress he makes.”

Rosie believes current regulations governing cold calls are too complicated.

She said: “Currently there are two different bodies, Ofcom – which deals with silent and abandoned calls – and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which looks after unsolicited telesales calls and recorded marketing messages.

“That is at the heart of the problem. A single body with powers to take tough, swift action against companies who engage in this kind of activity would be better able to combat the problem.”

Scores of people have told Rosie of their experiences since the campaign was launched.

She added: “People from across Doncaster have already registered their support for the campaign. Many have said they receive dozens of calls a week, despite being registered with the Telephone Preference Service, others receive silent calls, and some are regularly phoned by companies from abroad. For many people though, it is the sheer nuisance of getting unsolicited, unwanted calls that frustrates them.”

Doncaster’s other MPs, Ed Miliband (Doncaster North) and Caroline Flint (Don Valley), have already pledged their support for Rosie’s campaign.

Communications watchdog Ofcom, which deals with silent and abandoned calls, had 9,803 complaints in December 2012, compared to 3,212 a year earlier.


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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