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14 Dec 2012
Real ale campaigners from Doncaster were among hundreds of protestors to lobby Parliament about the state of the nation’s pub industry.

Members of the Doncaster branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra), including its chair Bob Kiddle, met with Rosie to discuss the issue.

Camra is calling for the abolition of the beer duty escalator, which adds two per cent plus inflation each year to the tax on a pint.

Rosie agreed that rising costs could lead to more pubs closing in Doncaster.

She said: “The recent VAT increase has hit Doncaster’s pubs and bars particularly hard and increased the price of a pint by 5p.

“A review of the impact of beer duty on the economy and jobs in the pub trade would clearly need to examine the impact of VAT as well as it amounts to half of the total tax paid on beer in pubs.”

Mr Kiddle said: “By raising beer prices more than inflation, the escalator is driving people away from the social atmosphere in a pub–leading to closures, job losses and a loss of community cohesion.

“We do hope that Rosie will do everything she can to persuade the government to end this succession of unhelpful tax increases.”

Almost 1,200 people from across the UK took part in the demonstration.

Photo – left to right: Camra chair Bob Kiddle, Rosie Winterton MP, Camra members Lynn Atack, Kevin Downes, Geoff Bowley.


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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