Rosie backs British Red Cross Community Reserve Volunteer Project

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05 Jun 2018
The British Red Cross, alongside Aviva, is calling for 10,000 volunteers to support in local emergencies, having published a report that showed that the majority of people in Yorkshire and the Humber would want to help if disaster struck in their community but 52% would not know what to do.

The report 'When Crisis Hits: mobilising kindness in our communities' also revealed that 46^ of people in Yorkshire and the Humber think their communityw ould be unprepared to cope with a large scale emergency such as a fire or flooding.

Rosie met with British Red Cross volunteers to hear about the initiative, as well as their experiences of being deployed to incidents such as floods and fires, and their reasons for signing up.  

Volunteers don't need any specialist skills and will be contacted by text if there is an emergency in their community they could help with.  The will undertake vital jobs like packing food parcels, blowing up airbeds for rest centres and filling sandbags in times of flooding.  Any necessary training will be given at the scene of the crisis and volunteers can confirm their availability when they are contacted.

To learn more about the British Red Cross' Community Reserve Volunteer scheme with Aviva and how to sign up, visit

Pictured with Red Cross volunteers Ian Bigby and Richard Rushworth at the Red Cross Event in Parliament.


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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