World Parkinson's Day - 11 April 2018

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11 Apr 2018
The push for greater awareness is part of the charity, Parkinson's UK’s activity to encourage people to Unite for Parkinson’s on World Parkinson’s Day, as a survey found that 32 per cent of people with Parkinson’s
have been stared at in public and 11 per cent have been laughed at.  In addition, 32 per cent of people do not feel that their symptoms are socially acceptable.

Parkinson’s affects 145,000 people in the UK, which is one in 350 people in Doncaster Central.  With numbers of people affected expected to increase by a fifth by 2025, the charity is aiming to change attitudes about Parkinson’s to make life better for everyone living with the condition.

Dame Rosie Winterton said “I support the call for more organisations to sign up for training to learn more about the progressive neurological condition, the complex symptoms people face, as well as how to recognise and best support people with Parkinson’s.  I do think it is important that people are better equipped
to improve the lives of everyone affected by the condition and better understand the issues they face. ”

Further information on Parkinson’s online training is available at


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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