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22 Jan 2015
Government cuts to the police force mean there are now 400 fewer officers in South Yorkshire – equivalent to the entire force in Doncaster.

Rosie revealed the figure after meeting with some of the borough’s police officers and the Police Federation.

It followed the government’s decision to enforce a further £10 million of cuts, taking the total to £46 million.

Rosie has repeatedly criticised the government’s decision to slash the county’s police budget.

She said: “I’m worried about the implications of the government's cuts on frontline policing here in South Yorkshire.

“The planned £46 million cut has already resulted in around 400 job losses, the equivalent to the entire force here in Doncaster, and more are likely.”

Rosie added: “It is hard to understand how home secretary Theresa May can claim that the budget cuts she has inflicted on the police are not affecting frontline services when so many officers have now left the force.

“Policing is under pressure like never before, and it is communities like ours in Doncaster that are paying the price.”

In 2012 Rosie backed police protesting over plans to reduce the number of officers in the region.
She held talks with Doncaster officers as they joined thousands of others in a march at Westminster, before raising their concerns with Theresa May.

Rosie added: “David Cameron and Theresa May said the frontline would be protected but the reality is that vital response units have been heavily cut back.

“The home secretary needs to stop blaming the police for her decisions and start working with the police to help deliver the force that people in Doncaster and the rest of South Yorkshire deserve.”


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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