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04 May 2018
Introduced in August 2017, these specially trained helpers, known as the Butterfly Volunteers, provide comfort and company to hospital patients at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary during their final moments.  Proving to be a hugely successful addition to the team, the volunteers spend time with patients when medical and clinical staff cannot.  They will sit and talk, run errands and also offer respite to the patients's loved ones, giving them valuable time to be able to go home for a few hours, safe in the knowledge that their friend, parent, child or significant other is not alone.

Dame Rosie met six of the 14 volunteers, discussing with them their experiences, as well as what inspired them to offer their time.  Chatting for over an hour, the group described the role as a privilege to undertake, recounting how humbling, profound and comforting the time spent with patients can be and how they would encourage others to get involved.

If you would like to become a Butterfly Volunteer, email dbth.butterflyvolunteer@nhs.net to find out more information.


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