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It is important to feel part of a safe, prosperous and healthy community where everyone has the same opportunities and is shown the same respect. In Doncaster there are many ways in which ordinary people are working to improve their community and the lives of those around them. You can visit the Council's website for more information on Doncaster charities.

However it is not just charities that are making a difference; there are many organisations that aim to develop the voluntary sector and social economy within Doncaster.

Doncaster New Deal for Communities has been selected as the local funder in Doncaster to distribute small grants as part of the Government’s £130m Grassroots Grants programme. The programme, which was created to deliver grants as small as £250, is designed to complement existing small grants provision by local authorities such as the CEN Small Grants Scheme

Doncaster Community Empowerment Network is an independent network of local voluntary, community and faith groups that seeks to involve people in the issues which affect their lives and communities.

Doncaster CVS is a local organisation that supports local community and voluntary sector groups and organisations. They offer practical advice on how to establish or develop a new or existing group, funding opportunities and volunteering.

South Yorkshire Community Foundation (SYCF) has been selected as the local funder to provide a continuous source of small grant funding, by matching funds raised in the community.

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