Crisis in General Practice

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02 Nov 2016

Recruitment to General Practice training places is at an all time low and on the back of an aging workforce where 30% of our most senior GPs are expected to retire in the next five years.

Unfortunately, new doctors are not choosing General Practice as their speciality of choice and newly qualified GPs are increasingly reluctant to take on partnerships in practices, with the employed and locum models of General Practice becoming the preferred option.

Problems are arising with succession planning and handing over care from one provider to another
, with GPs having to work longer than they had intended and contracts being handed back to NHS England when it has proved impossible to find successors to their practices.

At Prime Ministers Questions today, Dame Rosie Winterton DBE, MP for Doncaster Central today asked Theresa May “Is the Prime Minister aware that doctors in Doncaster are facing a crisis in primary care because as GPs retire it is almost impossible to find new ones to take over their practices and because of restrictions in the Health and Social Care Act, NHS bodies cannot take action such as putting in salaried GPS to stop practices closing.  Will the Prime Minister do something urgently about this as otherwise many of my constituents will be left without a doctor.”


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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