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02 Feb 2015

Teachers from a Doncaster school visited Parliament to experience the corridors of power.
22 Jan 2015

Government cuts to the police force mean there are now 400 fewer officers in South Yorkshire – equivalent to the entire force in Doncaster.
06 Dec 2014

Shoppers were urged to give small businesses in Doncaster a pizza the action.
03 Nov 2014

People should winter-proof their homes in order to help keep their energy costs down, says Rosie.
21 Oct 2014

An appeal for volunteers to help a Doncaster disability charity has been issued.
03 Oct 2014

Rosie praised the town’s theatre after it hosted the world premiere of a new international musical.
01 Oct 2014

A campaign to help encourage people to quit smoking has received Rosie's support.
30 Sep 2014

Rosie has donated her Doncaster Rovers shirt to help kids in Africa.
05 Sep 2014

Rosie joined other Labour MPs to vote against the Bedroom Tax during a debate in parliament.
08 Jul 2014

Rosie learned more about the pioneering work being carried out to boost cancer survival rates.

Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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