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07 Apr 2016
Dame Rosie Winterton DBE, MP for Doncaster Central today met with Mr Robert Edward Scraggs, WWII War
Veteran, at his home with his wife, Mrs Doris Scraggs. 

Rosie had been asked in November by the Embassy of the Russian Federation if she would make contact
with Mr Scraggs to help him obtain his Ushakov medal, presented to him as a veteran of the Arctic Convoys, as he took part in one of the most dangerous military operations in WWII.  

Having contacted Mrs Scraggs, who acted on behalf of her husband Robert, Rosie spoke to the Russian
embassy who wrote to Mrs Scraggs to say that the medal would be presented at the Mansion House.   Mr and Mrs Scraggs invited Rosie to their home to thank her for her support and to show Rosie the medal that had been awarded by a Decree of President Vladimir Putin.

Rosie says “I was honoured to have been able to assist Mr Scraggs to receive the Ushakov medal, awarded for his outstanding, distinguished and heroic service on the Arctic Covoys and I was delighted to have been invited into their home to see the medal.  I know that Mr Scraggs’ wife Doris and their family, including his nephew and niece who attended the award ceremony, are all very proud of him” 

The Artcic Convoys delivered vital supplies by sea to northern Russia encountering extreme weather conditions including blinding snow storms, whilst being under attack from German U-boats and fighter planes. More than 3,000 men died during the maritime campaign and by May 1945, the Arctic route had claimed 104 merchant and 16 military vessels.  Sir Winston Churchill said that “the trip was
the worst journey in the world”


Rosie Winterton MP for Doncaster Central
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